Parks Bronze foundry nestled in Wallowa County of Oregon and well established in this artisans community since 1986 as a full service bronze casting and molding foundry in response to fine arts sculptors, art collectors, art enhancement projects, and art appreciation. 

Throughout the years Parksbronze has flourished into an innovative foundry through repetition, experience, and exposure to the newest technology in casting and molding monuments, memorials, life-size sculptures, and single and multiple castings for streetscape projects, public art, and business enhancements.

Our foundry offers a full range of services. We have up-to-date technology, skilled employees, and many years of experience. We pride ourselves with the ability to communicate effectively making production inspiring and team work oriented.  For these reasons, artists from across the United States remain dedicated.

Artists emerging, established, and/or an appreciator of fine arts can bring their inspiration, concepts, and designs into an environment committed to excellence and who understands the value of their creation.  This means to us preserving the full effect an artist devotes his time to giving a sculpture.

"We embrace the challenge
of participating in assisting artists
achievement of their dream." -Parksbronze

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Parks Bronze Foundry
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Sometimes, all we need is inspiration
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Spirit of Joseph,
a realistic rendition of the majestic big eagle landing to perch on a branch.